Full-Funding for Public Education:
Preschool – Graduate school

  • If the legislature can find the political will to fund elevated rail, it can find the funds to elevate our schools.
  • Restore and expand early childhood education
  • Prevent and respond to high-need workforce areas with student loan forgiveness: ie teachers, physicians
  • Reduce the DOE’s $3 billion backlog of capital improvement projects and repair and maintenance



Protecting our Aina

As Donald Trump starts to roll back the Environmental Protection Agency and its work, Hawaii has to step up to protect its own fragile ecosystem.

  • Ban sunscreen with oxybenzone to protect our reefs, polystyrene to protect our oceans, and chlorpyrifos to protect our keiki.
  • Require full disclosure of all toxic chemicals being brought into Hawaii.
  • Absolutely restrict chemical spraying near schools and other vulnerable populations.



Housing THE HOMELESS: COLLAborative compassion

Kim Coco is uniquely qualified to be addressing Homelessness in Hawaii, as she is the only LG candidate who has been involved with addressing homelessness on the front lines since 2001.


Public Interest Attorney


Kim Coco was the Homeless Outreach Coordinator and then the Managing Attorney of Volunteer Legal Services Hawaiʻi.

“Through Kim Coco’s leadership, we were able to provide legal services to more low-income and homeless families with the same limited resources.”

– H. Doug Matsuoka,
Advocate for Houseless

Responsible Business Owner


Kim Coco owns Affordable Quality Apartment Rentals (AQuA), LLC — 50% of her apartments provide housing to low-income or previously-homeless families.

“Kim Coco is part of the solution. She reached out to programs serving the homeless until she rented an apartment to a hard-working father of three. His family slipped into homelessness and had been living in their van for three years.”

– Catherine Graham,
Housing Advocate

Licensed Foster Parent


Kim Coco has been a certified therapeutic foster mom to teenagers, many of whom had previously experienced homelessness.

“I watched Kim Coco support her foster kids and their siblings. She fought hard to make sure their voices were heard and that they had greater access to a brighter future.”

-Annabel Murray,
Family Law Attorney