July 1, 2016 - Candidate Q&A: State Senate District 13 — Kim Coco Iwamoto
State Senate District 13 may have the highest per capita of homeless residents of any Senate district. I support the “Housing First” model to address homelessness. Hawaii has a shortage of affordable housing and housing options for those who are currently homeless. We need to construct more of each immediately." Click to read full interview!

July 22, 2016 - Kim Coco Iwamoto Profile
"I am a public interest attorney who has been actively involved in the legislative process for 14 years. For example, Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland asked me to draft anti-bullying legislation that became the Safe Schools Act." Click to read the full interview!



The New Board of Education Faces a Math Question
April 25, 2011
Board should demonstrate that it has necessary resources and infrastructure before implementing additional requirements for graduation

Better options exist in drug-testing issue
July 10, 2008
The recent editorial on random drug testing of teachers conveyed frustration with government operations in contrast to the efficacy of the ...

On Full-Funding for Public Education in Hawaii
November 8, 2009
'Hawaii's Children, Left Behind'' (editorial, Oct. 31) castigated the public school teachers in Hawaii for agreeing to statewide furloughs to help ...

No isle youth should die for recruiter’s lie
June 22, 2008
I was shocked and dismayed by the recent account of deceptive military recruitment tactics employed on Kapolei High School students.